Switch employer before 180 days of I-140 Approval

Hi Guys,
Does anyone know if employers are obligated to withdraw the employee’s Approved i1-40 application if an employee changes the job within 180 days of approval?
My employer says when they file new visas or respond to other employees’ RFE, they will have to provide all their current employees’ GC processing status or other details. And if I am not there on their payroll then, it will impact everyone adversely. Is that true? Will they then have to withdraw the approved i-140 application if the employee does not continue 180 days after approval?


They are not. In fact most employers dont withdraw.

PERM job is a future job and employers can even sponsor GC for someone that is not already working for them, so you being with them or not do not impact other employees immigration.


Thank you so much Kalpesh!