Switch job to new employer while extension in progress - is it bridge?

Hello Anil,

I have a situation. Can you confirm if there is any issue?


My current H1-B petition with employer A is valid until 31st Dec 2019 ( I-94 expires 15th Jan 2020 ). I got new project at different MSA location ( eg: Location 1 ) with employer A.
Employer A is going to file Amendment with extension on Oct 18th 2019 in regular processing. So, To start working with employer A at Location 1 as soon as amendment has been filed.

I have valid I140 and ended my 6 years term.

At the same time, i got another FT position with employer B. Employer B is planning to file my H1 transfer based on unexpired H1B valid petition on Oct 25th 2019 in premium processing ( Eg: Location 2 ).

I will plan to join employer B at location 2 once transfer has been approved with employer B meanwhile working at location 1 with employer A.

Is there any issue with this situation? Is there any bridge petition risk? What are the other risks i may face.

Thanks much for your support and guidance to the community. God bless you.


Hi @ram1

As long as you file H1B transfer before your i94 expiry, you are safe and there is no bridge petition.

Bridge comes into picture only when you file transfer after your current i94 expiry. You are safe.

Ok, Thanks. @Anil.Gupta

I have a question in the same aspect.

I am planning to file H4 and H4 EAD extension with employer B ( along with transfer ) instead of employer A amendment/extension. Is this fine?


Again, as long as you file h4 extension before H4 i94 expiry, there is no issue in filing with either employer A or B.

H4 EAD can also be filed with any employer.

Thanks Anil. Appreciate it.