Switching job when priority date is nearing

I have approved I140 in EB2 with my previous employer(Ex-employer). My priority date is Dec 2013.

My current employer is filing PERM next month and they said they will be filing I140 along with I485 in December 2021 once the PERM got Approved (if my priority date becomes current in October in EB3 - on October 2021 as per the Prediction and the Visa bulletin going very fast ). But Still I am not sure from DEC 2021 how long it will take to get the Green card in Hand(Approximately 9 to 12 Months).

Meanwhile, I got an offer from a different company and am planning to join them in July 2021. This role is my aspiring one, from career perspective this is something that I’m trying for long time.
In case I’m joining this new company, my green card process would take some time and it will take around 18-24 months before the new company files my I140 and I485 parallel (Around March 2023).

Since the priority dates are moving very fast in this last month, I have confusion now whether to join the new company or stay in the current company till I get the green card.

Your expertise would be really helpful. Please suggest.

If I were you, I would stay with current employer to get my GC faster. GC opens up lot more avenues than being on H1B. If career is your priority and you dont have teenage children who might age out then you may change your job.

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