Tatkal pre-approval required for passport renewal?


I’m trying to figure out if I need to email the embassy to get pre-approved in order to apply with Tatkal?

  1. Is it a necessity or a good-to-have?
  2. Do I need to provide a good reason for applying with Tatkal or do I just need to ask for approval?
  3. What email should I send it to? I looked at the Consulate General of India, San Francisco, California : Contact Us website and I don’t see any general email I can use to ask for Tatkal pre-approval. All I see is them saying that they have outsourced passport queries to VFS and they say Email: VFS Global - San Francisco
  4. If you have sent this email, how long did it take you to receive a response?


No pre-approval required. Just select ‘Tatkal’, instead of ‘Normal Processing’ after you click ‘apply for ordinary passport’ on Govt. website for your application.

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