TCS provident fund withdrawal - will active Indian bank account work?


I have a question regarding the provident fund withdrawal. I’m guessing I will be eligible under this option

Going Abroad :

Required documents –

  1. Current Valid VISA copy

  2. PAN Card Copy

  3. Cancelled Cheque copy of Active Indian Bank Account (Joint Account with Spouse only & No NRE Account).

I can’t understand the third required document. Can anyone please suggest what exactly is this? I have an active Indian bank account (single holder) in my name which is not NRE. Will that work?

They simply mean that you should have an Indian account (it can be NRO though, not NRE).

  1. They have clearly mentioned NO NRE as depositing Indian rupee in NRE is NOT allowed.

  2. Your normal indian bank account will work even if you have converted it to NRO.