TCS Skill letter language is not same as what lawyer is asking for I-140

Hi Anil,

I had a skill certificate already from TCS but the language is not in line with what the language the lawyer is asking for the I-140. TCS says it only issues one letter. Please advise.

Yes, that’s right. TCS issues the letter only once.
I have also mentioned it in my above article and one should be very careful with it since it is an important document for your GC.

The best way not is to consult your lawyer. They are experts and they can change/modify the language for your GC documents in accordance with what you have written on skill letter.

Also, if the skill letter has the mention of the technologies that you worked on, and these are the same technologies, you are using to file your GC, you should be okay. The format does not matter much. Its the content that’s important.

Can I ask TCS to issue another skill letter which will match the language.

I can get the supervisor approval for this. Is that ok?

Could you please let me know what can be best way?

There is no harm in trying.