Tech opportunities in NL?

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Besides low wages and small tech community. what do you think the future of Tech opportunities in NL look like?
Ireland looks to be tax heaven for all silicon valley tech companies.

What do you think the pros/ cons of moving to Europe to work in Tech, in the long term?

Doing my own research and talking to Indians in NL and Europe. Curious, on your opinion?

Thanks & Regards,

It depends on the final purpose. If you intend to move permanently, then its a good place to go.

With respect to career opportunities and tech community in long run anywhere in post brexit Europe.

Yes, moving permanently. Quality of life is good in Europe as well

If the motive is to move permanently, then move without thinking about jobs in a specific sector.

World economy is changing fast and one sector cannot be assumed to keep giving you job forever.

Once the artificial intelligence and robots take over, millions of people will be jobless anyway and there will be new sectors that will come up automatically.

So, jobs availability should not be the criteria to move as per my opinion.
Just move and then adjust as per the country’s economy and the options available there.