Technology change after I-140 approved

Hi Anil,
I got my I-140 approved with Current Employer, with my technology as ‘XXXXX’. Can i use the same priority date to reapply for greencard with new employer with different technology (YYYY) and job title?

You can apply as long as the new job is in same or similar kind of position.

Completely different job area is not allowed.

See this discussion earlier:

Thanks for the reply Anil, This is my current situation can you please advise on this

I am changing the technology with Employer B. Whereas my I-140 is with my employer A and my relevant experience is based on skill set A.

whereas employer B is willing to give the chance in Skill set B. But my relevant experience is in skill set A. But my role is same developer/lead in both the technologies A and B

Would it create any issues while filing my labor/I-140 with Employer B? like can I port my I-140 although a new I140 need to be filed.