Telecommunications Network Planner - choose Telecommunications Engineer or Field Engineer?

Hi ,

I am seeking some information about Telecommunications Network Planner requirement in Australia.
I have currently applied for 189 with 85 points and 190 visa with 90 points. EOI was submitted in July and last updated in November and i completed 5 years in Australia on my work visa in Jan’2020.

Can someone advise, shall i go for a new skills assessment for Telecommunications Engineer or Field Engineer. I have work experience in all three of these streams.

For the past few months, i don’t see any invite sent to Telecommunications Network Planner stream.

Please advise.

Hi @Abhinav_Sharma

The choice of job code depends on what can get you most points.

Only you can decide it based on your assessment.

Thank you for your reply @Anil.Gupta.
The reason of this confusion is that i havent seen any invite that was sent for Network Planner.
Is there a way to find out what skill shortage Australia has for streams within telecommunications? I have worked across quite a few different roles for past 8 years.

I am not aware of any site where you can get the skill shortage data. You have to analyze it based on job sites yourself.

Government does not tell anything concrete about what skills are in shortage and if they will send any invites for them.

With you past experience, what do you reckon chances of getting an invite with these points?

Sorry, i do not have any estimate to share.