Temporary staying after H1B maxout

I am in H1B work permit, its going to maxout(6 years) december end. I need to stay in USA for 2 weeks from maxout date due to some personal reason. I am planning to change my status into B2 and leaves to my home country after 2 weeks. I think my B2 application will get denied once I left US. In that case the days i stayed in US after maxout date consider as unlawful presence?. Please clarify.

The time of stay while your COS application is pending is considered period of authorised stay.

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Thank you!.

Is any other option there to stay in US after maxout or change to B2 is the only option?.

Thank you. is there any impact for my future h1b extension with i140 if I change the status from H1b to B2 now?.

No, changing status do not impact your ability for file for adjustment of status.

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