Texas Criminal History Record


After requesting Texas criminal history record through Identogo, I received the record in the mail (hard copy). However, there are two pages:

  • Criminal History page with photo and details that states “no criminal history”
  • A document called “Certification of Criminal History Record Information”

I am a little confused with the second document. It is a certification by the Supervisor at the Criminal History Inquiry Unit" at Texas Department of Public Safety certifying that there is no criminal history. The problem is the bottom of page has a section for notary that is not filled in. It says “On the 24th day of March 2020 Tanya WIlson appeared before me and state on his/her oath that the statements contained herein are true and correct”. This is followed by blank notary fields.

Do I need to include this certification page when I upload it? Or just the actual “Criminal History” page alone with suffice? I’m concerned that Australian immigration will raise concerns over the blank notary fields.

You can upload both if you are confused.