Title Change-H1b stamping dropbox

Request your inputs on the below scenario
All title names were changed as part of reorg in Jan 202in my current company.No amendment was filed as job duties are the same.
I need to travel to India for personal reasons and have to go to the H1b stamping dropbox.EVL that I am able to get from the employer has titles like as OLD TITLE (NEW TITLE)
like Lead software engineer(Application Engineer). They are giving like this as my current H1b has old title that was Lead Software Engineer.

.Is it okay if EVL mentions the title as OLD TITLE (NEW TITLE)? OR is there a better way to represent it in EVL? Like OLD Title ( renamed as NEW TITLE )? I am not sure if HR can add the text below in EVL “
As part of reorg lead software engine was renamed as application engineer and job duties are same”

What do you mean by EVL?

Employment verification letter, I guess :slight_smile:


Employment verification letter that has details of salary, title on official letterhead. It is one of the documents they are asking for these days

I think this should be ok if the job duties are still the same and no significant change from what was mentioned in the LCA/H1B petition including work location.
Job duties, SOC code and location matters more than the designation and if those two don’t change (probably why your employer didn’t file amendment), there should be no issue.

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Thank you for sharing your inputs

Hi Mohan, which EVL did you use? And what did you put in your employment history in DS160? I am in a similar situation. Can you guide me here