Transit through NZ for Australia PR validation

I am planning to make my first trip to Australia for 189 PR validation. I hold an Indian passport and transiting through Auckland. The NZ visa guidelines suggests that Indian passport holders with Australia PR can visit and transit through NZ using NZeTA.

But, I will be transiting via Auckland before landing in Australia for the first time, I didn’t know if my grant letter is enough to make me qualify for NZeTA. Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi @Varun_Raheja

There is no clear guidance on this topic. Generally, i advise people to go to Australia directly.

But, as a matter of fact, your Australia PR grant letter is a sufficient proof of valid PR. This is accepted by airlines to allow you to fly to Australia.

You would need an NZeTA before you can fly to New Zealand. So, i suggest to apply it and i think the Australia PR grant letter should work.