Travel Ban: H1B, H4 in USA with valid Visa Stamps - Are we allowed to travel and renter?


I have H1B stamped till may 2021, and my wife (H4)is with me in the USA. Are we allowed to travel to India and reenter USA with current restrictions?

You can travel and re-enter. But, my suggestion is to avoid travel at all costs.

Myself and my wife had valid stamped H1B and H4 visa and we are planning for vacation to India during the month of November.Can we travel back to US ?!

Hi @Narendar_Napolean

Please read above.

My Visa stamp is valid for 12 months, and expires in November, th H1B Visa and i-94 is valid until Aug 2022, what alternatives do I have in order to renew my stamp after Nov due date? I understand that if my visa stamp s expired, I will not be able to travel outside US.I live in the San DIego area and may need to travel to Tijuana

Why do you want to renew your visa stamp?

I have the need to visit suppliers in Tijuana at least once per week, if my stamp expires in November, I would not be able to go and visit those suppliers? My i-94 is approved until Aug 2022

You can use Automatic Visa Revalidation process to return to the US from Mexico.

Thank you, then I can assume this travel ban has no impact on Automatic Visa revalidation

I have had a family emergency and need to visit India, i have stamped H1B visa till dec 2020.
i also have a project and paperwork from vendor.

Will i be able to come back to states if i leave now.

I got my h1 approved with company A in Oct 2019. I transferred to company B on June 2020 and got my h1b change of employer approval on June-17-2020 until May 2023. I have plans to travel to India by the end of this month or next month, depending upon the consular appointments availability for visa stamping. If I plan to return back before 3/31/2021, does it causes any issues at the port of entry due to extension of presidential proclamation?