Travel Ban: H1B in US, H4 wife is in India, waiting for US embassy to open - can she travel?

@Anil.Gupta - I m on H1B in US and my wife is in India, waiting for US embassy to open for H4 stamping. Will she be allowed to get the stamping done and travel to US if the embassy opens ?


Hi Anil, if H1B is in USA and H4 is in India but does not have Visa. Can H4 get the visa stamped and enter ?? Please provide your response. Appreciate it!


same situation here , hoping to get some clarity on this. I read the executive order here

But unable to ascertain what happens to our wives plannng to get h4 with us on h1 in usa , will get or not ! Such anticipation man.

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No you should be fine . Here is the order.

All transfers, extensions on h1b will be no issues.

Does this apply to H4 unstamped Visa who are outside of USA??


i have the same question.
The FAQ stated that the consular officer has the discretion… but I don’t see that mentioned in the proclamation anywhere .

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I m on H1B in US and my wife is in India, waiting for H4 stamping (she had appointment for interview on march 17th and got cancelled due to covid). Will she be able to go for stamping and travel back to US?

Same situation here. I read and did not find answer what happens if H1b is in US and H4 is waiting for stamping in India.

Hi @Manjeet_Singh , @Manjeet_Singh , @Shekhar , @umahida, @avi1103

As I said for other visa types, they can apply for visa stamp when embassy reopens but the visa stamp may be denied until the ban is active. Chances are low for a denial though.

If you get a visa stamp, then the dependent might be able to travel. I will share more as and when real-life experiences are shared by people.


Hi, I am currently on a valid, stamped L-1B visa and my wife is on a valid, stamped L-2 visa.

She got stuck traveling in the UK when the lockdown went into place and has been unable to enter the US.

I am currently in the US, does this mean she can now travel back to the US?
Little confused as the exemptions listed in this article don’t reference anything in the official proclamation.

Hi @James

Please read my answer above for H4. Same rules apply for L2.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta. Appreciate your reply and time.

Sorry maybe I’m missing something?

We already have valid stamped visa’s, just my wife is in the UK and I’m in the US.
She got stuck out there while traveling.

Hi @James

Then, what is the issue? She can enter US if she has a valid stamped visa.

Did you read the whole table that we have shared?

Did you try and use the app available to suggest based on your specific situation for travel?