Travel Ban: I94 extension at San Diego border after passport renewal - Is it allowed?

Me and my spouse have valid H1B and H4 visa stamped till March 2022. However, when entering US in Jan 2020 this year, our i-94 was given only till Dec 2020 this year matching my passport expiry in dec 2020. Now I have new passport issued from consulate. Can I get i-94 extended inside US ? Also, what if I go to San Diego border and cross it? Will there be any impact because of this new rule ? Please : Visa is valid and stamped till 2022 on old passport.

You can visit San Diego border for i94 extension after passport renewal.

You should be allowed to enter even if you have to cross border as per current rules in the executive order.

Drishtu11, you don’t need to cross border for new I-94. You can cross if you want, just want to inform if you go San Diego office as told by Anil you will get new I-94.

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