Travel Ban: Will H1B 2020 Lottery Selected Application be Affected?

Hi Anil,

Will it effect 2020 H1b Lottery candidates…(Currently in USA)…

Yes, H1B 2020 lottery candidates who are outside USA are affected as they cannot get a visa stamp now.
Even if the US embassy reopens and you get a stamp, you will not be able to travel to the US till the ban is active.

Can we go for stamping after the ban is lifted? Or does it mean the 2020 Lottery picked candidates with consular processing is cancelled?

You can go for visa stamping once the ban is lifted.

Your H1B petition approved by USCIS stays valid. Do not worry.

I would like to confirm, my query regarding the h1b visa tempriorly banned by Trump through the year 2020. As we are having approved petition till 31st jan 2021 but it’s not get stamped yet due to delay of covid-19. Please confirm me that do we are eligible to get the stamping done as per executive order rule. Because the information says that the applicants who are already having a h1b visa, they are exempt from this banned. Please confirm

Hi @sainineha1983

Please read above.