Travel Ban: Will Pending L1 be rejected by USCIS?

Hi @Anil.Gupta ,
I am looking forward to understand how it will impact my following L1 visa process; I am based out of INDIA. My company applied for my Individual L1 visa however I was given RFE earlier in Mar to which a response to RFE was sent earlier last week. in the current circumstance does this executive order mean that USCIS will reject my application ? or It will still continue to process and once my L1 is approved US consulate in Chennai will not stamp VISA (may be they will not even give appointment?) until Ban is lifted ?

I am very confused. Please help.


Your pending L1 should be approved normally. You can apply for visa stamp after your petition has been approved but you will not be able to travel till the travel ban is active.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta , highly appreciate your reply and clarification on my doubts.

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