Travel during H1B Transfer started within 60 days grace Period. Stamping Required


I left employer A in last week of December and I was on h1b grace period. I started h1b transfer with employer B last week. I am expecting to receive h1b receipt on Jan 23rd. I need to travel to india in last week of January and my h1b stamp is expired so I need to stamp with employer B. What are my options? I was thinking of following:

  1. Leave to india now and ship the i797 approval with employer B to india whenever it comes and do stamping. Join employer B after stamping. In this case, I will not have paychecks from employer B when I apply for stamping.

  2. Join employer B for few days on h1b receipt and then travel to india on January 30th. It will be great if I received approval otherwise wait for i797 and do stamping. I will have paychecks in this option.

Which options is better? I am inclining to option 1.

Hi @Andy1

Option 2 is definitely better. Payslips will act as a strong proof of your H1B status.

Thanks for the reply @Anil.Gupta

I can still go using option 1 right. How risky do you think it is? Just a note, I was terminated from employer A and I am on grace period right now. Does that matter with either option?