Travel during Pending H1b transfer


Currently I’m working for company A for which I have my h1-b visa stamped till September 2022. I’m transferring my h1 to company B which is still in progress and was filed on 28-Jan-2021. I’m yet to receive receipt notice for the petition filed. Now, I have my travels plans scheduled. So here are my questions.

  1. Can I travel with my old visa and approval notice since I’m still working for the old company (Company A)
  2. How is this going to affect my h1-b transfer application to company B?
  3. How long does it take for the receipt notice to arrive now a days? (as it is already my 5th week since the petition was filed)

Please advice. Thank you

Was it on PP or Normal Processing?

Hi Ritika,

Thank you for your response.
Currently the petition has been filed under regular processing but they are waiting for the receipt notice to upgrade it to PP.

Did you attorney checked with USICS?

Not yet. But they confirmed that the checks have been cashed.

Just FYI … I got my receipt notice today and seems like my case was approved on Feb 12 itself. Now we’re waiting for the approval notice

Thats gr8 same here.
Can i do drop box even i change my employer as my visa stamp is valid till Aug end.OR in person.i m planning to visit on April end

You should get a drop box option. Employer change does not affect the dropbox eligibility. Please check this link for more details - Expansion of Interview Waiver Eligibility

Note: The above comments are just for informational purpose and shouldn’t be taken as legal advice. If you need legal advice then you should contact immigration attorney


Thank you for your reply