Travel from India on B2 with 1 month validity and can we apply H4 or B2 extension in US

Hi Anil,

Request your suggestion.

I am in US on H1 valid till 2022, My Wife is currently in India and was scheduled for interview in embassy for H4 which got cancelled due to lockdown. She have B1/B2 valid till Jul 15 2020. Request you to please help on below queries.

Is it safe enough to travel from India to usa on vande Bharat flight with just 1 month of B2 validity remaining.
can we apply for B2 extension on reaching USA?
Can we directly apply for change of status from B2 to H4 in USA . If yes, request you to please share the procedure.


It seems you have posted the same question from two different IDs. Please do not do this.

Answered this same question earlier here:

Thanks Anil for your suggestion, actually me and my wife both were discussing and she shared the question and asked me to upload but i got stuck in some work meanwhile she posted and then i posted .