Travel to and from India from the US during April 2020

Hi All,

I have a critical family health emergency in India in my family. Was wondering what is the guidance for travel during April 2020, with the Corona situation.

I have valid H1b stamped till 2021 and years left in my 6 years period.


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Anyways, the current situation is bad and if you travel now, you may not be able to return to US until June 2020 end as per my estimates.

Make sure you plan for long stay in India as the Coronvirus is probably running 2 weeks behind US In India. Basically, my opinion is that India will enter Stage 3 soon or is under stage 3 right now. Check the news and make an informed decision.

Thanks for the reply, Anil.
I am also not seeing any flights till April 13-14. This is really bad in every possible way.
Also from a visa point of view (with current situation) is it possible to stay in India till June.

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