Travel to India during H1B transfer is pending

I am currently employed with company A, I have an approved I-797 until 2021, but my visa stamp already expired.

I got an offer with company B, they have applied for my visa transfer and it is currently in RFE stage.
They are planning to reply by end of November or early December.

I have to travel to India during December and have to go for visa stamping through company A. I plan to come back to USA using company A’s visa stamping and join Company B after coming to US provided H1B transfer approved by then.

My questions are:

  1. Will there be any issue with this approach.
  2. If my H1B transfer gets approved before my visa interview , will that impact my H1B visa stamping through company A?
  3. Any chance Consulate can ask questions abut my H1B transfer ?
  4. Will there be any question at port of entry? Do I need to carry my H1B transfer approved petition just in case ? (though I am entering with Company A visa)
  5. Is H1B amendment required for H1B transfer with new employer ? (there will be change in location for new company B)

Please help.

Hi @kchyn

Please read the risks of travel while H1B transfer is pending here.

I had answered similar question earlier here 2 days ago:

great thanks for your help.