Travel to India while H4, H4 EAD pending


Need advise.

We applied for H1B, H4 Extension and H4-EAD at the same time (second week of June 2021)

H1B, H4 and H4-EAD are still pending. Series is WAC212.

Is it possible to travel to India in December for stamping(assuming I’ll receive H1B approval by that time) and return only when H4 EAD is approved? Will that cause any problems to the H4 EAD application ?

Thank you everyone.

Will you be travelling after H1B is approved and while H4 extension is still pending?


Yes, that’s correct. We are planning to go together after H1B approval and she can wait in India till H4 EAD is approved.

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Generally the extension of status application is not abandoned like the COS if the applicant travels outside of the US however it may get denied if the applicant is out of country at the time of adjudication. If that happens, the H4 EAD will also get impacted too and may be denied.

Consult your immigration attorney to discuss your travel plan and follow their advice.

Hi Gags,
did you visited India if so
did your wife EAD application approved when she is in India or she need to come back