Travel to India with company acquisition announced today

I am currently working with employer A with a valid I-797 and visa stamp on my passport. ( my wife has a valid visa stamp and H4 I-539 document)
My company is getting acquired by another employer B (announced completed acquisition today)
Employer B has not begun any H1B proceedings yet.
I am in a need to travel to India asap, returning in 2 weeks at the most.
Would it be possible to travel in this situation? Is it too risky to travel at this time?

Please help clarify this for me
Thank you

Have you been switched to the new company payroll?

You need to talk to your new employer’s HR and immigration lawyer to find out if the new company is successor in interest (SII) and whether an H1B amendment if required.

Havent been switched to the new company payroll yet but need to confirm with hr about it.
Ah! Not sure about the other question either. Its just that we havent been contacted by the new company hr or lawyers about immigration matter yet. I am able to communicate with my current company hr only at this time.

I suggest consulting your HR and lawyer for next steps if any and get clarity about requirement for any H1B amendment.

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Will do. Thank you for the suggestion. If I am on employer A payroll for the next 2 weeks. I mean if the next check(bi weekly) is generated with employer A name on it, will be be ok to travel in the coming week and get back by end of the week?

If you have a valid visa to enter back this should be okay.

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