Travel while H1B extension is pending


I94 (H1B) expires on 31st Dec 2019. is it advisable to travel to india and return back during 1st Week of November and return back by 25th NOV ??

Hi @Ramesh_D

What is the issue in returning to US and then back to India here? I do not understand your concern.

Please ask to the point question while asking to save time.

Hi Anil .

Sorry if my question was confusing.

My stamped US H1B visa has already expired.

I have an approved I797 though with validity until 31st Dec 2019. Employer is about to initiate extension.

Before that is it advisable to travel to India during November. Will there be any issues in stamping or POE.
Planning to travel by November 1st week and return back in couple of weeks.

Hi @Ramesh_D

There is always a risk in H1B visa stamping these days.

You can read about risks of travel while H1B extension is pending here.