Traveling while H4 transfer approval is pending and with No original I797

Hello Anil,

My H1 got transferred from one company to another and have started working in the new company. My son and wife H4 approval hasn’t come yet. previous H4 visa is expired on sept 2019.My wife and son will be travelling to India from 25th jan to 5th April. Will it be a problem while returning? .Do they have to go for drop box ?
Also I dont have the original copy of I797 ,can they carry a copy of that ?

Thanks in Advance


H4 dependents will need a valid H4 visa stamp in the passport to return to US. For visa stamp, they might be eligible for dropbox.

The original H1B i797 is recommended but a color copy should also work.

Hi Aswanth,

I am also in the same situation. Could you please update this forum once your family got their VISA Stamped? Considering they don’t have approved H4 visa docs but going to Embassy for stamping with your H1B I797 docs. Please correct me if I understood wrong.


Thanks Anil .Appreciate your response

Sure will let you know . they will be travelling this month end will keep you posted

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