Tricks and methods to clear PTE or IELTS English Exam

Hi Anil,
I have been trying to pass my English test via IELTS but every time getting 6.5 overall, its making me sick and tired…:frowning:
now i am planning to appear in PTE, I have been through the tips and cheats you shared, with Jay videos too… but I am not sure about getting 79+ in each segment.

Tell me how to play with the computer.

thanks in advance.

Hi @ghazal

Whatever tricks i have mentioned in my article are what works and i have tried them myself.

I don’t know of any way to trick the computer.

I would recommend you to answer one of the official mock tests much before your actual PTE exam so that you can analyse your areas of improvement and work on it.

Also make sure you create a noisy background like putting on news on TV on the background to simulate the actual PTE environment.

Also, remember that PTE-A and IELTS are different formats of English proficiency exams and require candidates to familiarize themselves with the format before the actual exam attempt.