Two AOS filed in Oct 2020

We filed two AOS ( EB-1 & EB-2) in oct 2020. Biometrics is done for both. EB-1 is current as of today and EB-2 ( 2011) is not current yet. We raised expediate request for EB-1. USCIS approved our I-765 for EB-2 instead EB-1 EAD for this expediate request.

Please advise if I can use EB-2 EAD to work as my H4-EAD was expired 2 months ago.

Will it impact my EB-1 green card process or in other words will I be eligible for EB-1 green card if issued or I have to wait for EB-2 green card for using EB-2 EAD ?

If you use EB2 EAD, then in normal circumstances, you are locked in to EB2 queue.

We are not sure how USCIS officer will consider your case as your date is current in both EB1 and EB2 and EB1 is current.