Two H4 EAD Cases

Hi ,

  1. I have filed H4 and H4 EAD together same time in May and My H4 Got rejected because of Old Form issue .
    2)I have files the H4 and EAD together again in June .

Last week I got RFE on my first H4 EAD asking for Proof for H4 Document . Can anyone please suggest on below .

  1. Can I respond to the RFE with the H4 Receipt notice which I applied Later .
    2)What happen to the Other H4 EAD case which I filed ?
  2. any issues do you see if I submit the RFE and Any format to submit the RFE .


It should be processed independently of the prior one.

No issues. You can attach a letter stating your H4 application got rejected due to old version on I-539 and that you submitted another H4 application for which you are attaching the receipt in response to RFE. Send below to the address in the RFE notice.

  1. Cover letter.
  2. Copy of I-797 receipt for H4.
  3. Copy of RFE letter.

Thanks Alot , Can you please help me with any format for cover letter .

You can google and you will get an idea.

Thanks for the reply .