UK ICT visa project manager issue

Dear Anil,

I have recieved TCS UK onsite 3 months back after working 4 months in offshore. From offshore onwards my manager was behaving rudely and used to say even if you reach here you will not get support and receive plenty of escalations. Many time I asked to release me if he feels I am unfit, but he was not ready because his supervisor and rmg selected me. And after reaching here also, he is not supporting or guiding me. But my cos is for 2 years and visa received for ICT. My husband resigned his job and joined me with 2 school going kids as we received visa together .

Can you guide me some tips how can I handle this situation?
I like to stay in uk. Can I switch job within 3-4 months?
May I search another job and is it possible to switch visa now?
Is there any minimum duration should I stay in onsite ?
Is there any policy

Your question is not clear.

Who works in TCS and has the TCS person resigned?

What is your work visa status? Is it valid?