Unable to open the links in VFS Application Confirmation PDF document

Iam in process of renewing the passport for my son through VFS

Below list of steps performed

  1. Create new application
  2. Paid the fees
  3. Able to download the Courier lable

Received one email with attached PDF document but none of links are clickable or not opening .From where i can download the documents to send courier to VFS .

If any one already come across this issue please suggest

It’s not very clear what exactly you are looking for. Below links should help you in your application.

  • Step by step guide to apply


  • Are you looking for documents checklist? Generate one using this link:


Once you select passport type, 3rd tab on the next page has links for documents checklist.

Thanks Pankaj Diwedy for your response.
Could you please clarify below point

Once i submit the application, i have received an email with subject : Application Confirmation with one attached PDF .In that PDF there are links mentioned for all check list documents which we need to send to VFS, but none of links are clickable .

My questions is, do we need to download the checklist from online and edit the PDF with all details or do we have any way to download document with all pre printed information…please suggest


  1. Download the non-editable checklist pdf (whichever applies to you, based on your case)
  2. Print all pages
  3. Write your details at the top - in the boxes meant for it, on every page
  4. Tick the boxes against the documents you are sending
  5. Sign it
  6. Send it with your application and relevant supporting documents
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Thank you for your response

One more question - If kids have more than 1 passport, do we need to send all passports or only the latest one is enough? i think only latest passport enough want to confirm

Thanks [Pankaj Diwedy]
But in the Last page of checklist ,it’s mentioned as below
❖ If you have more than 1 original Passport , then you need to provide the copies of all the passports

Do we need to send both original passports or Current one is original and old one is photo copies…Can any one sugget on this?

Thumb rule: When in doubt, it’s better to send more, than less. This is to avoid unnecessary delay and for one’s own peace of mind.

On the last page of checklist - ‘common mistakes to avoid’, it does mention about sending copy of old passport. Here’s what I would suggest to send:

  • Current passport (original) + photocopy of pages mentioned in checklist
  • At least first 2 and last 3 pages of old passport (photocopy only)

Yes, that’s what I did. I sent copies of my old passport too. The document requirements are all over the place. Nothing is ‘absolute’ or clear.

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