Understanding PERM timeline

Dear all, could you please help to understand perm timeline / dates which are posted on DOL site?

Currently (as of 30apr2021) DOL states the following figures for perm processing

  • analyst review: October 2020
  • audit review: June 2020

How do I interpret it?

Example: I have the following timeline

  • perm submitted: Sept 2020
  • audit request received: May 2021
  • audit information filed: May 2021

Question: When the audit is going to be processed?

Is it when the audit review priority date on the DOL site becomes Sept 2020 that corresponds with the initial perm submission date


Is it when the audit review priority date on the DOL website becomes May 2021 that corresponds with audit additional data submission.

Thank you a lot in advance


Any chance anyone knows how to interpret PERM processing data?

These dates are when the cases were filed and are currently being adjudicated as of 04/30/2021.

As of 04/30/2021, DOL is adjudicating the audit review cases from June 2020. It is taking around 12 months for DOL to adjudicate the audit review cases and DOL is saying that this delay will continue throughout 2021.
Based on the above, my guess is your case should be adjudicated by August this year.