University Lecturer 242111 for 189/190 subclass

I also uploaded form 16 and payslips.

Dear Friend,
No not like that, Your occupation might be University lecturer, but your designation may varies to the different education policy. So you can apply since what your current designation existing.

For instance you are lecturer, asso. prof, , Tutor that would be sound as University Lecturer with anzsco code 242111.

Yes , i received the positive assessment from vetasses and Lodged EOI in recent august 2019. So you can apply in full hope.

I have worked as a lecturer and assistant professor and can get assessment from vetassess. But for ACT with the occupational caveat, does one still has a chance of getting an invite if one doesn have a contract for a year? Also, I am a PhD student and I tutor for different courses at my uni. Does the employment contract from that uni work in this case? Please note that this employment contract states that my job as a tutor is casual employment not full time.

Hi @rory

The casual job contract may not work.

thanks for replying!

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Hi Anil,

I have submitted 189 eoi for university lecturer 242111 with 80 points on 7th September 2019. (originally submitted with 75 points on 1st August. updated with 5 partner points on 7th September). Would you be able to give me an idea about my chances for invite after Nov 16th? I am turning 33 on March 2020 and will lose 5 points for age. Is there a chance for me to get an invite before that? Or do I have to try new 491 visa?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Xavier

You have a good chance of invite after Nov 16 changes.

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Can you please share if we need to submit all the degrees & transcripts for skill assessment from VETASSES, for a University Lecturer 242111 or is it fine to submit only the highest qualification? I have a doctorate degree from Australian university and past qualification from overseas,if I can only submit my highest qualification with post qualification job experience, can I expect a positive outcome, what are the chances?

Hi @Fahad_Choudhry

You should submit the degree that matches your selected ANZSCO code to get positive assessment.

Dear Mr.Anil,
Hope you doing better service to this community.
My Score is 75 Points for University Lecturer 242111 EOI was updated(Skilled Spouse) on 15th October 2019.
Please let me know the estimate time of Invite with this 75 points, also after November 16th I hope i will get extra points for Skilled Spouse So that i have 80 points. Please let me know the time of invite.

Hi @rajaram

You will have good chance of invite after Nov 2019 changes with 80 points.

Thank You Mr.Anil and at the same time, Applicants with Unmarried status also getting 10 points,since they will go forward in the queue. so,is there is any drawbacks for the applicants like us (Skilled Spouse) in invite time.

Hi @rajaram

Please read the analysis here with respect to Nov 2019 changes.

Dear Mr. Anil @Anil.Gupta
I thank you for your time and efforts. I am a university lecturer 242111 with 75 points (DOE: 16/08/2019). after November changes I will claim 5 more points for my wife’s competent English to become 80 points after 16 November. Do I have a chance to receive an invitation for 189SC Visa? I am trying to apply also for 190, but unfortunately university lecturer is not available for 190 in any state except Canberra which require a job offer. Please advice.
Thank you once again.

You will have good chance of invitation after Nov changes.


I have got positive skill in university lecturer with 70 marks after 16 nove 2019 in new point system. What can be the probability of getting invitation?

Chances of low for an invite with 70 points based on current trend.

Dear Anil, How is the chances of getting 189 PR visa for University lecturer for 80 points as of now.

Hi Rajaram,

Thanks for helping .What document I need to submit for vetasses. I just got my reference letter for 3 yrs.I am not working as of now .last i worked in 2018. Have total of 8 years of experience as Assistant Professor.Planning to apply in this week

1.Colored copies of all academics .Is that in one pdf per qualification and should it be notarized
2.I have form 16 +bank account showing my salary. should it be notarized
3.Any papers or journals do we need to submit.

Thanks for helping.