Unpaid employment during OPT

I have been on H1B since Oct 2021. During my initial OPT, I worked as an unpaid part-time research assistant under a professor for a few months. This was reported on SEVP as well
I have two documents from the university, an application form (signed by me, the professor, department head) that has job duties mentioned and also an employment verification letter from the university HR with the position and dates of employment.
Both documents do not mention hours of working.
1)Will this be asked during h1b stamping?
2)Should these two documents be enough to serve as proof of this position in case I get asked about this position during H1B stamping/renewal?

Generally speaking consulate do not care much about the post graduation OPT which allows unpaid employment. In your case if USCIS had any doubts re: your OPT employment, you would have seen an RFE during your H1B processing.

Yes, these should be enough. You can verbally mention about the hours you worked if the CO ask.


thank you for responding.