Update Date of Birth and Place of Birth in I-94, I-797, SSN and I-140

I am currently on H1 b visa with approved I-140. Recently I have updated my Date of Birth and Place of Birth in passport to match my birth certificate. I have also updated my school Certificate as per my Passport.
Now I would like to update my other details such as I-94, I-797, SSN, Drivers License, I-140 with new information.

Could you please help me with below question to update above details?

  1. How can I change my I-94 DOB information?
  2. Do I have to amend my I-797 to update the DOB and Place of Birth?
  3. How can I change my SSN Date of Birth?
  4. Do I need to update my I-140 to update DOB and Place of Birth?
  5. What is the sequence to change above document?


Hi thanks for replying. I too fixed the passport. To fix SSN etc first you need to fix the 797 if you are filing one if not please consult the company attorney. In my case I’m applying this month and have given the correct DOB and once it comes will correct the SSN and others.

@Rohini_Nagaraj Thank you. I am going to talk regarding I-797 update to the company attorney. Do. you have any information about I-94 DOB update?

i94 can either be updated by filing an H1B extension and or travelling outside the US with correct i797 (with correct DOB).