Updated I-94 without admission stamp

I took my daughter to Mexico border to get her I-94 updated with her new passport as her old passport expired before the H4 validity. I got the I-94 updated for her and I also see my I-94 has been updated online but there’s no stamp on my passport for that entry. Is that a problem? If yes, how can it be fixed?

Did your cross the border and reenter or the new i94 was given by CBP officer without crossing border?

I did not cross the border, just moved to the other side mid-way as you had suggested in your article. I had also emailed CBP office about this yesterday and here’s the response I got this morning:
They don’t always stamp passports on the border. There won’t be any issues regarding not having a stamp in your passport.

It should be fine then. Coming back from mid-way is considered crossing border as you did go out of US boundary.