Updating Points while submitting visa application after ITA

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the long post.

Received my ITA a couple of days ago.

ACS assessment completed on Feb 21. - But I missed the After Date calculation completely and claimed points for 8 years of employment in EOI, but per ACS it was only 5 years 8 months (7/2014 - 2/2020). Also, while doing ACS I did not ask my current employment (~1 year) at that time to be assessed because the employer was not ready to provide documents at that time for several reasons.
Ever since the assessment, I have changed employers - and have enough evidence to get assessed for 8 years now (7/2014 - present).
If I get a new ACS assessment and update the number in the visa application. Will they reject my application? Or should I let this invitation expire and update the EOI later and wait again?

Don’t think they would reject the visa application if the ACS number was updated. I think updating ACS assessment is very common. Its valid for 2 years and hence is already expired once the ITA is received. I am in a similar boat but in my case the English proficiency scores have expired.

As long as the points do not reduce after the ITA, you are fine and can submit a new assessment.

Thank you. Also, one more question -
I took PTE on 10/2020. The PTE certificate mentions it is valid for 2 years. But I read online that Australian immigration accepts 3-year-old scores. So my PTE scores though more than 2 years old are still acceptable? Or should I take a new exam?

If the PTE report says it expires by a certain date, then it will be considered expired and you should get a new one.