Upgrade i140 to premium after filing with i485 concurrently

Hi ,

I did a concurrent filing of I 140 and I 485 in October 2019(EB2 to EB3 India). I got my EAD on Jan 8 2020 and still waiting on I-140. I am trying to check if I can do a premium processing for my I-140. My previous EB2 was processed in Nebraska and my attorney says that my current EB3 went to texas service center and hence I cannot upgrade it to premium processing.

However in my uscis case status for I-485 , it says -

"We accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Our Nebraska Service Center location is working on your case "

Which means my case is getting processed in Nebraska and not Texas.Right ? Am I missing something? Any response or info is appreciated. Thank you!

Whats is the receipt number for i140 and i485?

The receipt numbers can tell which service center it is. If the case has been transferred to Nebraska later, then you would have received a formal notification of case transfer.

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Thank you very much. I got the I 140 receipt number and it starts with LIN*** . My attorney says my Perm was done in Nebraska and I 140 went to Texas and hence they cannot do premium. But I 140 receipt number shows up as LIN which means it could be applicable for premium.

Is there a chance that the number can be LIN but being processed in Texas? I looked up in USCIS case status and it is no where mentioned that the case is transferred just to let you know.

I think they update the case details when its transferred . My I 485 , I 765 all are being processed in Nebraska.

Any input you can provide will be helpful.

LIN means that you case number was generated by Nebraska.

If it has not been transferred to Texas, it is still being processed at Nebraska. Yes, there should be an update and an official letter from USCIS if it was transferred.

Appreciate the quick response.