Urgent 485 RFE Nashville FO. RFE for all documents

Did any one receive RFE for all documents . We receive d RFE for BC, and evidence for lawful admission means all I-797 , any I-20 , all school records, I-94, passport copies and medicals. We have submitted everything with initial application back in Oct2020. We were just waiting for medical RFe as we did it include in initial application. Does FO do this often? We are worried as to why they requested again. Primary and spouses EAD and AP approved on 30 jul2020.

EB2I PD: Feb 2011
RD: 29 Oct 2020
ND : 20jan2021
Biometrics: 13Apr2021
485j : 30jun2021
EAD and AP approval : 30Jul21 both for spouse and primary applicant.
485 RFE: 29jul21 from Nashville FO

Original filing office : NBC

Please rely we need urgent help.

Haven’t come across such a case. This seems as if they have misplaced the supporting documents.

Thank you. The worried part is they did not request marriage certificate if that’s the case. Don’t they need all these to approve EAD and AP

Just send all the docs again. Don’t worry. It happens.

I am just guessing that they may have spilled coffee on the documents :). Take it with humor.

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Haha thank you! Yep will just resend rather than overthink about the situation.