Urgent Need Help...H4 EAD CARD Received with future validity date

Hello All, I need urgent help. On the verge of loosing Job. I have received my H4 EAD Card with validity date as below -
H4 EAD Valid From Date : 02/24/24
H4 EAD Valid Till Date : 05/13/24
H4 EAD Approval Date : 02/24/22
H4 Valid Date : 08/13/21 to 05/13/24

I am not sure why USCIS has issues me EAD card which is valid from Feb 2024 instead of Feb 2022

How to rectify this issue can anyone help here. I already have two job offers but both of them are asking for correct EAD cards. It will be really great if someone guide me here. It is complete blunder from USCIS and not from my side as we never provide any dates other that birthday while filling the form. Please help. My contact number is 404 980 8709. Really appreciate if someone can help me here.

You can contact USCIS to reissue the card with the correct dates. You may have to fill out form i765 again.

Hi All,

We also facing same issue, the New H4 EAD end data is one week less than current H4 EAD, in this case which H4 EAD card (new H4 EAD card or Current EAD) we have to provide along with I 765 form for new H4 EAD filing?