US post office not taking fingerprints without US photo ID

Hello All,
I am on dependent visa F2.
For getting PCC of USA , we filled the application form of FBI and went to the nearest US post office to give the fingerprint.

We were able to process only my husband’s since he had US Driving license (they will do only for persons having US driving license or US passport).

I dont have US driving license and SSN, hence they didn’t process my fingerprint.

I read that it can be done from local police station in the below link

Please let know the documents they ask in local police station for getting the fingerprints done.

Hi @Sneha_TM

Police station will ask for your valid photo ID. You can use your passport or state ID.

Indian passport is acceptable?

Did you try Indian passport?

Do you have any other option? What else do you want me to suggest if you don’t have any other US issued ID?

I am yet to visit Police station.So was asking about that.
I will try with passport and let you know