US Spouse Immigrant visa White form 221g

My hubby filed an immigrant petition for me and I did my immigrant interview on the 9 of December and I was not given 22ig but was also not told if I was approved or denied , I was given a white paper immigrant right and who to call when in trouble , I was also give a white paper and it says I should submit any means of identification and my affidavit of change of name which I did 10 December and later I receive another email to submit my updated affidavit of support and medicals which I did on the 14 but till now my status has been showing refused and I didn’t get any email pls does it mean I have been refused ? The consular kept my passport, my police report and even my wedding pics

The white form you received is form 221g.

You should send all documents as requested by the US embassy and then they will verify and there is no timeline for their verification.

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But 221g was not written on it, I have sent all the documents but yet no reply and on the 9 of this month will make it one month I went for the interview am really confused , thanks so much for ur reply