US Tech Workers Letter to Trump H1B suspend - Coronavirus - Questions & Answers

They are like some of the Pro immigration groups for us who would be against any immigration citing layoffs even if that layoff happens at a different level or job that H1B is not looking at.

It is a fair ask though…just trying to be unbiased

Will this would be effected for existing approved visa extensions, visa renewal and newly Stamping?

It should not affect any type of H1B application until any specific action is introduced by US government.

Trump can’t suspend something which is in law… but he can definitely delay processing cases based on health reasons

Hi Anil,

My husband works here on h1b for the past 6 years. There are news in Indian channel saying people in US are losing their jobs especially who are in h1b due to covid 19. That makes us scared and worried. Your opinion and advice would help at this difficult times.

Which channel are you watching and what are they saying?

One of the Tamil news channel. They are saying h1b workers are losing jobs and they have to leave the country within 60 days. Count of h1b workers losing their jobs will increase more by end of this month.

That’s kind of true if there are lay offs done in US. We are expecting job losses due to Coronavirus recession.

If H1B loses the job, they do get 60 days to find a new employer. That’s the normal rule.

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