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I have a question related to travel ban from India to US. My H1B visa is expired, but have a valid EAD/Advance Parole card from a pending I485 application. Would I be able to enter USA with Advance Parole when I travel with my US born kid? Thanks in advance !!

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You cannot travel to US if you were in India in last 14 days.

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Newly married, H1B primary in the USA, valid H4 stamped spouse stuck in India. No mentioned exemptions apply.

Is third country quarantine the only way?

Or is the H4 eligible for NIE based on family separation reason? I don’t understand when they mention fiance(e) in the exception list but not a legally married dependent.

H4 is not exempted unless you have a US citizen kid.

Third country quarantine is probably the the only way at this time.


Hi Udayr, by any chance did you try NIE for your spouse?
Please update. Thanks,

Hi, website mentions as below. It just says parents of US Citizen child below 21 years. It does not mention that the child has to travel. Does it means we just have to carry a proof of their passport and birth certificate to enter US? website does not mention they have to travel along…

foreign diplomats traveling to the United States on A or G visas and certain family members of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents including spouses, minor children, parents (provided that his/her U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident child is unmarried and under the age of 21)

Even in another website “redbus2us” i just saw below…they did not mention that they have to accompnay along with parents…so please clarify on this

  • Parents or legal guardians of US Citizen or Green Card holder who are under 21 years of age
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You should be able to travel as long as you can show the birth certificate of US citizen child to the airline staff.

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As you answered that EAD + AP cannot travel to USA, then can EAD+ AP can travel to Mexico or any 3rd country and stay there for 14 days to enter united states ?

I mean in Mexico can we enter using the EAD + AP card (without US Visa Stamped) and DO NOT need Mexico visa to stay there? Please guide us on this subject. It will be great help

Mexico only allows a stamped and valid US visa to enter Mexico without a Mexican visa. I do not think that EAD+AP is recognized.

I have booked tickets for my parents to come on 3rd July to the USA. Is there any chance this ban will be lifted by end of June?

Thank you,

Hi, I am on H1B visa and i got stuck in India due to travel ban.
shall i travel to Dubai and stay there for 14 days and then travel to US is allowed ?

If you have a valid H1B visa to re-enter the US, yes you can go to Dubai, stay over for 14 days and travel to the US provided Dubai is not in the travel ban list.


Thanks Kalpesh… where can we check to see if Dubai or which country is not in the US travel ban list ?

Here you go…


Thank you so much Kalpesh…

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H1B stamp till June’2022. Can travel back from India without US citizen kid(under 21 years) showing birth certificate and passport of US citizen? It sounds it all depends on airline whether they allow you to board. Do you know anyone travelled on United?

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hi @anil_am22.
Find content on this website very helpful. Appreciate you.
Question on travel between USA and Canada with my little one. Kid US citizen. Only has birth certificate. Passport applied, taking too long to complete by govt; ETA 12 weeks.
We need to travel to Canada in Sept-21 and then back to USA within 2 weeks.
Both of us (parents) will be vaccinated by mid-August. We are on US H1B expired 2020-Jul. We have I-797 till 2023-May. And have canadian CoPR (expiring 2021-Sep-30).
Can we travel back and forth as we intend to?
Pointers appreciated.

Hello Ram,

Can you please suggest what you did to return back to the US with AP?
I am in the same situation. My H1B stamping is expired but has approved AP+ EAD along with a US citizen kid.

Hello @Atamia, Yes I used Advance Parole to enter USA and did not have any issues. My trip was from Chennai - Delhi - San Francisco(United Airlines). At Chennai, initially at boarding they requested for NIE letter (which I did not have), I showed my passport, AP + EAD combo card along with US kids passport copy and birth certificate. No issues at Delhi, just showed my passport along with AP+EAD card. At US, the immigration officer sent me to secondary inspection, where I had to wait for few hours. They validated my card and stamped the passport with Parolee status.
You should have no issues, but do validate with airlines once (to be on the safer side), not sure if things have changed now. Good luck with travel !!