US Travel Ban Executive Order Suspend Immigration - Questions & Answers

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I have a question related to travel ban from India to US. My H1B visa is expired, but have a valid EAD/Advance Parole card from a pending I485 application. Would I be able to enter USA with Advance Parole when I travel with my US born kid? Thanks in advance !!

You cannot travel to US if you were in India in last 14 days.

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Newly married, H1B primary in the USA, valid H4 stamped spouse stuck in India. No mentioned exemptions apply.

Is third country quarantine the only way?

Or is the H4 eligible for NIE based on family separation reason? I don’t understand when they mention fiance(e) in the exception list but not a legally married dependent.

H4 is not exempted unless you have a US citizen kid.

Third country quarantine is probably the the only way at this time.