US travel ban- minor kid stuck in India

I came to USA on H1 B visa just before the travel ban began. My 11 year old daughter and parents were supposed to travel in the month of august 2021. I am looking for any possible exception for my Indian citizen minor child can travel to USA considering parent is in USA. I am able to arrange for an escort for my child.
Please suggest.

Hi, do your child and parents already have a valid H4 visa? If yes you may send an email to the consulate that issued the visa for NIE approval explaining them your situation.
Below link has information on the NIE email ids of all US consulates in India and the format of email.

Visa holders with definite plans to travel who can demonstrate qualification for a National Interest Exception may contact the Embassy or Consulate that issued their visa to request a national interest exception prior to travel:

The email must include the following information for all travelers seeking an exception, as it appears on the visa:

Last name:

First name:

Date of birth, in DDMMMYYY format (ie – 01JAN2021):

Gender (M/F):

Country of birth:

Country of citizenship:

Passport number:

Visa Number* and Category:

Issuing Post Name (upper left corner of visa):

Travel dates:

Travel purpose and national interest category, including a clear justification for receipt of a NIE:

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