US Visa Dropbox Eligibility Questions and Answers

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Hi Team,

Here is my situation :
I live in the USA. I have approved I-797A approval notice from Jan 2020 - Jan -2023.
I am planning to travel to India next month. Based on the immigration website questionnaire it looks like I am eligible for dropbox is that true?
I switched job on Jan 2020 and my passport doesn’t have a valid stamp because my first term of H1B ended on Sep 12th 2020.

Is the dropbox facility open for processing or emergency appointment only ?

Please help me understand this situation completely.

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hi Gowtham,

Any updates on this? My wife has a similar situation whereby her L2 visa has been approved, but we need to get it stamped. Is it feasible to get stamping done in India via the Dropbox facility. Would be helpful if you can chat for a few mins.


I am eligible for dropbox, i checked. While i was trying to apply for appointment, i only see dates at chennai location.

My previous dropbox was issued in Hyderabad, if i take dropbox appointment at chennai would it be accepted or any downsides?

Also, in the DS 160, there is field saying submiting location, i mentioned Hyderabad, do i have to change it now? How do i change it

Hi Team,

Here is my situation :
My Visa stamping expired on June-2019.
I live in the USA. I have approved I-797A approval notice till Jul -2021.

My PERM was filed on Aug 5, 2020. Expecting its approval and i-140. If everything goes good, my company will apply H1B extension before my trip to India in premium.

I am planning to travel to India in May 2021.
Am I eligible for Drop Box with my current scenario?


Hi Anil,

Currently I am in Canada and I am having approved I140. My last visa stamping was on passport till June 2019 and I am planning to change my employer from Canada only.

My question is if my I797 is approved for new company so am I eligible for drop box ?, If I go to India (my Home Country) .

Please advise me.

Hi @anil_am22 - As per the dropbox eligibility article, point #7, the question while booking appointment asks for “any visa refusal for any time in past” and this point also mentions that if you ever got B1/B2 visa denial, then also you are not eligible for dropbox.

However, when I tried, it asked me “any refusal of visa ever but only for the specific visa category only”. (See picture below).

Is there anything that I am missing here?


Use the Dropbox app as it has all the updated conditions. They changed this criterion last year.

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So if a B1 visa is rejected, still they are eligible for Drop Box?

Yes, it looks like that’s true as per current rules.