USA Tax filing for H1B worked in India for 6 months due to travel ban with India salary

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Can you please help me with this query. I’m a H1B holder working in USA since 4 years. I had visited India in May 2021 and got stuck there due to travel ban, so I had to continue working from India with India salary. My employer is TCS. I have worked in India for 6 months and returned USA in Nov 2021 after travel ban ended. Can you please let know if I need to mention these scenarios of earning India salary for 2021 tax filing in USA. My USA salary was not continued while I was in India.

This is a tax related question and should be directed to a tax consultant.

First step is to determine if you will be considered tax resident for US for 2021. You need to do the same for India.

As a H1B you are taxed on your worldwide income, so if you are deemed tax resident of the US for 2021, you will include your Indian salary income to your US income. If you are also deemed tax resident for India, you will need to file tax return in India as well however you can claim the tax paid in India from the tax liability in the US due to double taxation avoidance agreement between the US & India.

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