USCIS Allows Extra 60 Days For RFE & NOID in coronavirus

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I got RFE for my H1B on April 6th and i didnt get the RFE notice. After so many follow up’s and raising service request i got the RFE notice today but it is mentioned that deadline to respond is July 7 which is already crossed. But my company is saying due to covid we have 60 days grace period and asking me to prepare the RFE documents immediately.

I am just worried whether my petition might get denied since i am yet to respond to RFE in time. Will it get denied?. or As my employer says i still have grace period of 60 days more to covide?. Please advice

USCIS has allowed extra 60 days due to COVID.

H1 Transfer Premium processing, received RFIE, Haven’t received the RFE questions yet.
Due to some personal constraints, need help in understanding if response can be given in 90 + 60 days as per the USCIS Flexibility timeline provided in responding to RFE?

Also, please let me know if the 90 day timeline will be calculated from the day status changed online or from the day when we receive the questions in hand?