USCIS EAD Expedite Request Questions & Answers

Hi Anil, I got reply from congressman saying my expedite is approved on Jan 22th, but so far still no update… it’s been 16days. Do you know if there’s any other way to check or expedite again?

Hi @shihtzubomb

If your expedite request has already been approved, then you just need to wait. It can take up to 30 days for approval.

Is that possible they forgot to put the cases in the expedite queue :frowning: I’m out of normal processing time next Tue… very frustrated…

haha…I am not sure if they forgot it or how USCIS tracks it internally.

You can call USCIS call center again and see if they can send a ping to the USCIS officer working on your case.

did you hear something

Hi Anil,
I submitted the expedite request, reeceived the email to submit the supporting documents.
I sent the documents via email a month ago, after that there is no reply yet.
I contacted helpdesk twice but they replied that when the decision for expedite request is made then I will be notified.
It`s been a month since I submitted the documents.
Can you plase suggest.
Thank you,

Hi @slogun4u

What is your specific question?

Hi Anil,
I submitted the expedite request for H4EAD (filed h1,h4,h4ead in premium, h1 approved on 17th Jan), reeceived the email to submit the supporting documents.
I sent the documents via email a month ago, after that there is no reply yet.
I contacted helpdesk twice but they replied that when the decision for expedite request is made then I will be notified.
It`s been a month since I submitted the documents.
Can you plase suggest.
Thank you,

Hi Anil,

I really appreciate if you can please advise.

Let me explain my case,

  • I applied H1+H4+H4EAD in premium in Jan 2020.
  • H1 approved on 17th Jan 2020.
  • H4 Biometric completed on 8th Feb 2020.
  • Submitted H4EAD expedite request to USCIS on 18th Feb.
  • Received the reply from USCIS to submit the documents on 25th Feb.
  • Submitted the documents via email on 26th Feb.
  • Since then there is no update or email. I contacted USCIS helpdesk 3 times, but they replied that once the decision is made I will be contacted.
  • I did not receive the confirmation that they received the email which I sent (documents), so I am not sure if they received it and will reply that whether my request is approved.

Any help/suggestion would be greately appreciated.

Thank you,

Unfortunately, there is no fixed time frame for these kind of requests. You can only wait.

Thank you Anil,

Can I try Congressmen request, ?


You can try congressman request but chances are low for any positive response from USCIS.

Hello @Anil.Gupta.

Seeking your take on the following:

I submitted a one-step family-based application to register as a permanent resident from marriage to US citizen (485,130,131,765) on June 3rd, 2019, received an RFE around August which I responded to in September, got notice of 765/131 combo card approval 2/7/20 & notice of interview scheduled on Feb 13 (New Orleans office) for March 24, which has since been canceled.

The combo card was lost by USPS. I’ve been through a ton of back and forth with both USCIS customer service & USPS for an elevated search inquiry.

The item is conclusively lost & USCIS suggested I submit a replacement 765/131 application + a copy of my 485 receipt and to call to raise an expedite request once I had a new receipt number.

Submitting a new packet puts a big risk on my current employment, as my current OPT EAD expires this June 14.

Under regular processing times, the card will not get to me in time to keep my job. Understanding that having expedited processing requests approved is unlikely, I read this article.

To which I concluded I can evidence a letter from my current employer arguing financial loss, I have a congressional contact who could help & my husband is studying anesthesia, for which he will begin hospital rotations around Louisiana in June and is required to have health insurance coverage that I provide to him through my job.

Even more so now that we’re in a pandemic. I was wondering what your thoughts are on how I should go about presenting a case for expedited processing & if any of the arguments above seem plausible to you. Thank you!

Hi @Vanessa_Murillo

Sorry to hear about this USCIS and USPS goof up.

I don’t have anything else to add at this time except what has already been mentioned on the article page.

It has a sample letter that you can use and add your own situation to make it more authentic.

You should be able to get approval soon.


I have applied for H4 and H4 EAD in March 2020 before the closures. My expiration date is in August. I work for the State Department. Is it possible to make request expedite on that basis? I tried on the basis of the financial loss but they denied without any communication itself.


You can try. Nobody knows what will they accept.

my wife works in bank as a financial analyst and she is working in a group where they handle COVID-19 stimulus checks distribution.

i am aware of the fact that you need to have some solid reason to get H4 EAD approved in expedite processing.

i wanted to know if i can use this as a valid reason. what proofs should i attach ?

i am already taking employer letter from her boss, paystubs, her transcript

what else should i do ?

please replay @ Anil Gupta


Narendra Mane


Any advice to expedite below case, would be highly appreciated. All the cases are filed in California Service Center as the receipt No starts with “WAC20XXXXXXXX” . My attorney decided to filed H1B, H4 and H4EAD extension altogether, but I need to visit India urgent in Feb, So mine H4 and H4EAD filed after I get back to states (03/13)

|H1B Premium Processing|2/21/2020|

|RFP date and USCIS received answers|5/24/2020|
|H1B Approved|5/28/2020|
|H4 and H4EAD filed|3/13/2020|
|H4 status as of Today|On March 24, 2020, we accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-539|
|H4EAD status as of Today|On March 19, 2020, we received your Form I-765|

I called USCIS to expedite my case and Information specialist filed the request but the request has denied as biometric is not in record. As all the biometric centers are closed, IS there any way I can expedite my biometric so that I can get appointment at the earliest as ASC Centers open. Any guidance in this direction will be highly appreciated.

On another note, As my H4EAD is expired and I am off to payroll, I am thinking out of box to expedite the case .

Is it good idea to request case transfer to Potomac Service Center/Nebraska Service Center; as they are processing the cases from Feb 15, on the other hand California is processing case from Aug 28, 2019. Keeping in mind of COVID wave 3, California, Texas and Florida are the most affected state, as well, USCIS is getting ready to furlough 73% of its staff from Aug 03. It’s hard to know what will happen with cases if there is no staff to accept mail or process cases. If we want this case to be approved. then I am thinking to transfer the case in less COVID affected area. As all this transfer process is very manual and will take time, meanwhile, I may get my biometric


Wait for biometric to be done and request for expedite the case in California service Center only, if it still takes time then request for case transer to another service center.

Thanks In Advance

You cannot request any case transfer by your choice.

I called USCIS and officer suggested me to mail your request to interested jurisdiction, and they will review your case transfer, it can be approved/rejected in sole discretion.